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Traveling Papers" has to be among the rarest of theater events -- a play based on travel writing -- and among the easiest and most fun trips I've ever taken . . . a very entertaining play and, for inveterate travelers, literary buffs and even armchair travelers, not to be missed in its limited Off-Broadway run in New York . . . This theatrical evening is a tapestry of thoughtful insights, humorous cultural clashes, and personal experiences while traveling . . .  unearthed with love by the passionate travel bugs who created this delightful piece, Barbara Bosch and Martin Tackel . . . Woven together into a 90-minute (intermission-free) delight, delivered skillfully by seven diverse and talented actors. . . "




"the smartest theatre ticket and NYC adventure in town."





"The play . . . focuses increasingly on a single story line.  Miss Reid (Gwen Arment), a well-meaning but loquaciously boring spinster and the sole passenger on a German steamer, is driving the ship's crew to distraction.  In typical male fashion, the ship's Captain (John Camera), the ship's Doctor (Peter Husovsky), and the ship's First Mate (Macy Idzakovich) determine that what Miss Reid really needs is to take a lover.  To that end they enlist the aid of the ship's Radio Operator (Kyle Doherty), a handsome but callow youth half her age, with amusing and ultimately very satisfactory consequences."  


-From A Seat on the Aisle, by Alan Miller.


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